Caesar with hoarding house in background 10-20-15


Temporary Name: Caesar Gender: Male Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 8/22/10 Caesar is one of our colony cats that has had a few near-tragedies happen to him. He’s a great big lover that is caught between being a street cat and a house cat. He escaped starvation, a dog attack, a hoarding house, and […]


The Cathouse Three

As part of the ongoing saga with my hoarding neighbor, I’ve been waiting to hear what happened to the three cats that Alachua County Animal Services liberated from the house. Last I heard they had seen a vet and were at the shelter. But nothing else. This morning I got a call from Animal Services […]

cat lady, 5-13-15

The Serious Stuff, Part 2

Part two of the house across the street drama unfolded unexpectedly on Wednesday afternoon. I had wondered if there would be any follow up after the three cats were removed the previous Saturday. I worried that maybe they hadn’t seen or been able to trap any other cats inside the house. Well, that is no […]


The Serious Stuff, Part 1

It’s very hard for me to write this because it’s been a long and painful internal battle of mine. And it also is about emotional issues, as well as legal vs. right. But this is the thing that started the wheels spinning in the right direction, and helped to bring resolution to a situation that […]