Adoptable Cats

Although my first goal is to get all of these cats fixed and fixed up, my second goal is always to help find them furever homes. Often the outside cats were pets at one point. And sometimes we work with them to become very domesticated, to the point that they can make wonderful pets.

And of course, the kittens. Whenever we come across any babies, we love to get them off the streets, socialize them, and adopt them out to good homes.

Adoptable Foster Cats

We only adopt out cats or kittens that have been fixed and are up to date on their shots, so we have made an investment in them. If you are interested in adoption, please email me at, or text me at 352-213-6296. I will respond as soon as I can. We usually ask a $40 rehoming fee which becomes a donation to a local animal rescue group once your cat/kitten has settled in.

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[We are not a non-profit or official organization of any kind. We’re just well-wishers of our neighborhood cat community. We don’t have tax-write offs. We don’t get funding from any organization. This is something we do with our own resources, and support from friends, because we want to help where we can.]