We live in an economically challenged neighborhood, and there are a lot of stray neighborhood cats around. Instead of ignoring the situation, we’re doing a little bit to help fix (literally) the problem. I volunteer with Operation Catnip, and trap cats to put through the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program.

Ideally we’d like these cats to find loving homes with people (not us!), but first goal is to get them fixed and fixed up, and get them healthier. We have our own pets cats, and a dog who adores his cat buddies. Some of our cats are foster failures – cats who you intended to find homes for but decided to keep. And of course we feed and keep a watchful eye on our colony of neighborhood cats. At any given time there are a dozen or so in our colony.

Then there are kittens. The cats who fail to get trapped and fixed do start to pop out the kittens, and if we can get them off the street, socialized, and adopted, it’s one less littler of kittens that end up in the system in danger of being put down.

Rather than bother our Facebook friends with constant cat stories (they already think we’re crazy cat people), I started this blog to keep track of the kittehs and to post public info on the cats and kittens that are available for adoption. If you are interested in any of these cats, please contact us by email at radhakrueger@gmail.com.


We are not a non-profit organization, and do not get any funding from, or represent any organization. We use our own limited resources to make a small difference in our corner of the world.