Henri & Jane in hut
Henri & Jane cuddling in a cat hut

Our little corner of the world is abundant in community cats – felines that may or may not have ever had real homes. Kittehs that didn’t have a great start, and are caught in the cycle of scavenging food, breeding, getting ill, and dying early.

We rely on the local TNR program, Operation Catnip, to stop this cycle and give these guys a second chance. I trap community cats and put them through Operation Catnip clinics (TNR – trap, neuter, return) which are thankfully FREE to Alachua County community cats.

So this is my blog about the heartbreak and success of trying to make a small difference in our small corner of the world.

We do have kittens and cats available to good homes. So please click on our Adoptable option in the menu for more info.

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