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Herb Garden babies love hammocks 6-12-16

Herb Garden Babies

Herb Garden Babies

Arrived (~ 4 weeks old) on June 11.

  • Sage – all grey male
  • Pepper Corn – all black male
  • Basil – grey tabby female
  • Dill – grey tabby male
  • Parsley – brown tabby female

These babies were at Alachua County Animal Services, and they were getting sick. It was the height of kitten season, and although I had another litter already, they were only a few weeks older… and if you have five kittens, you may as well have ten!

They were already bursting with personality when they arrived, and only developed more while you were with us. There was always a close friendship between Sage and Pepper Corn, while Dill was very independent.

Not long after we arrived, we lost one of the other litter’s babies to fading kitten syndrome, and that was heartbreaking. But then Parsley went downhill very quickly and we lost her too. Soon after that, Basil started to fade, and we had enough heartbreak. We fought with everything to not lose her too (staying up until 3AM syringing her fluids every 5 minutes on her worst night). Basil made it through after a long struggle.

One by one the kids were adopted out.