Rescue Cats & Other Adventures
Jett, Day 8, 5-13-16

Jett, Day 8

Now over a week with us and Jett is finally starting to act like a more normal cat. He discovered the cat tent on the table next to where I work and he’s been cozy in there for two days.

I also discovered that an animal lover picked him up from the post office in Alachua and took him home. He was hungry and it was hard to tell when he had been to Operation Catnip, but his telltale ear nip gave him away. Unfortunately Jett really didn’t get along with this fellow’s cats, so he found a new home for Jett. Which worked out for a couple years.

During that time, Jett was still given outside rights. And inside he had a small-ish dog as a buddy. He and the dog would cuddle at night and groom each other competitively until one got huffy and left. But this family suffered a job loss and had to seriously downsize. And Jett was stressed by the major changes. Unable to buy flea meds or take him to a vet left Jet in a downward spiral. By the time he came to us, he was mostly bald and super anxious about everything.

Now that we got him diagnosed and stabilized, we’re hoping to let all of his fur grow back in. And then find him a permanent furever home where he can be himself.

In the mean time, he wanders around the house talking. He lets everyone know his announcement, “I’m Jett!”