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Another Double Vet Visit

Poor Charlie's Nose, 6-2-15
Poor Charlie’s Nose, 6-2-15

Sunday evening we noticed Charlie’s nose looked split and raw. The wet, squishy part of his nose. He looked like he was in a little pain, but it didn’t prevent him from running for his food bowl or jumping in the litter box while it was being cleaned. So I followed my 48-hour rule. If things get bad, if blood is gushing, if drinking of water stops, all bets are off. But otherwise we wait 48 hours before going to the vet.

Monday didn’t show much improvement. Worse. On Monday evening, the Dude started doing something weird with his mouth and caterwauling randomly. So I called for a vet appoint first thing on Tuesday. We won a 3PM spot.

I was sitting working when Charlie crawled into my lap to have a nap. I thought he was purring but on closer inspection, he was shivering. I called the vet for a sooner appointment. At 11AM I wrestled the two boys into their cat carriers and hauled them into the car. Charlie started freaking out, rolled onto his back panting and legs waggling in the air. Meowing and the works.

This was their first vet visit and they were super nervous. Charlie went first for a weight (about 11.5 pounds!) and then the Dude (10.5 pounds). Hearts, gums, temperatures, internal parts. Everything got checked.

There was some back and forth about possible problems. The deal was to get Charlie’s infection under control, and The Dude was a mystery. They got worming meds. Charlie got an antibiotics jab. We got some antibiotic wash to go home with for Charlie’s nose and the Dude’s mouth.

On his release, Charlie crawled into his brother’s carrier and curled up behind The Dude. We had to sort them out before I could schlep them out to the car because they are big boys. Arriving home, the slunk out of their carriers and departed. Charlie promptly found a hiding spot in a closet where he hid the rest of the day. The Dude slunk around, hiding in doorways and around corners, glaring.

This just adds to the feeding and health regimen that fills my day. I sometimes get weary of the constant work, but I feel like these kittehs are going to be the beloved pets of wonderful people one day and I woe it to the cats and the people to take care of them as if they were my own. Plus, credit cards, right?

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