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Skinny Moxie

Moxie explored inside the house, 5-18-15
Less than 4.5 pounds

Moxie was such a good girl on her first visit to the vet. She got the works, and complete blood work done. After a long and thorough conversation with our vet, he agreed that she was in great health despite being emaciated, and that her lack of body mass was likely due to starvation rather than any illness or defect.

She weighed in at less than 4.5 pounds, and she should have been around 7 to 8 pounds. But otherwise was a healthy girl. It was hard to estimate her age due to her lack of weight. But time would tell. Our vet was otherwise happy with her condition.

I was sent home with some things to try to get a urine and fecal sample just to rule out anything obscure. But waiting for a cat to do its business in a weird litter box set up was less than successful.

It’s hard to estimate how quickly she will be back up to ideal weight. Six to eight weeks is the general guess. In the mean time, we’ll be getting her fat, working on her socialization, and inviting potential adopters to come meet her.

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