Jett, Day 8, 5-13-16

Jett, Day 8

Now over a week with us and Jett is finally starting to act like a more normal cat. He discovered the cat tent on the table next to where I work and he’s been cozy in there for two days. I also discovered that an animal lover picked him up from the post office in […]

Jett, Day 6, 5-11-16

Jett, Day 6

It’s almost been a week and Jett is much more relaxed around the herd of cats. He still gets alone time in the office at night, but he spends his days mingling with the serfs. His fur is growing back in places and he feels bristly. We got a pill stick and the right allergy […]

Jett, Day 2, 5-7-16

Jett, Day 2

On our first Saturday together, we took Jett to the vet for what was his first actual visit beyond his trip to Operation Catnip several years before. Even though he had a clear skin issue, his previous humans didn’t take him to the vet to have it diagnosed. Based on what his previous family told […]

Jett, Day 1, 5-6-16

Jett, Day 1

Jett is a special case. We took him in from a family member who couldn’t care for him anymore. Poor Jett was in a tragic condition from some kind of allergy compounded by stress-grooming. Easily 60% of his body was bare, angry skin. And there were open sores all over him. You better believe we […]