Kawaii is super cute, 7-16-15

Kawaii “The Cute”

Temporary Name: Kawaii, (a.k.a.) The Cute Gender: Female Color: Black & white Fur: Short Born: Approximately 5/10/15 Mom: Magnolia Family: 4 kittens Update: Adopted! Kawaii was the third of the four caught. Her name is a Japanese pop-culture word for ‘cute’ or ‘super cute’. She is also the smallest of the four, as well as the most calm. Her […]


Trapping The Littles

The same day I saw a kitten playing with mom cat on the abandoned car in my neighbor’s driveway, a guy came by to measure that house to come back and board it up on order of the city. I was talking to the guy when a neighbor came around the yards to ask me […]