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Kawaii is super cute, 7-16-15

Kawaii “The Cute”

Kawaii’s first day
Kawaii’s first day

Temporary Name:

Kawaii, (a.k.a.) The Cute

Gender: Female
Color: Black & white
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 5/10/15
Mom: Magnolia
Family: 4 kittens

Update: Adopted!

Kawaii was the third of the four caught. Her name is a Japanese pop-culture word for ‘cute’ or ‘super cute’. She is also the smallest of the four, as well as the most calm. Her facial markings are very unique. She loves napping in her kitten hammock the most!

Health history:

On arrival, Kawaii had clear eyes, but on the second day, she seemed to get a little crusty like her sister’s. We didn’t see anything abnormal about her eyes but cleaned them for the first two days and they cleared up. Otherwise she seems fairly healthy.

Update 8/30/15: Kawaii was snapped up suddenly by a friend of another adopter, and quickly won over her new family’s hearts!

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