The Circle of Street Life

I finally got the okay from Operation Catnip for a mid-clinic nipping, so I set out to trap mamma Nose and her babies on Sunday night. I trapped her almost immediately. None of the babies. Even now. She did great and got nipped yesterday. She was so quiet and calm except for a few frantic, […]

Rex, Rainbow Bridge, Full

The Heartbreak of Loving Them

We have had a rough time lately around the house of cats. First we lost three colony cats to neighborhood dogs. Then The Littles’ mom, Magnolia, got hit by a car and died in my hands. Then our very senior cat, Chloe, passed away quite quickly of old age. Little Rex became ill, went blind, […]

Rex banner 2-13-16

Rex Spoon

Temporary Name: Rex Gender: Male Color: Black & White Fur: Short Born: Approximately 8/28/15 Rex¬†was a big boy, and so active, that when he got sick and lost his vision, I was heartbroken for him. It took a little time to get a diagnosis, but we finally were told it was FIP, araremutation of a […]