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Rex Spoon

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Rex discovered my phone and selfies!

Temporary Name:


Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 8/28/15

Rex was a big boy, and so active, that when he got sick and lost his vision, I was heartbroken for him. It took a little time to get a diagnosis, but we finally were told it was FIP, araremutation of a common cat issue. We gave him the best we could while he was with us, until the morning he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It is always difficult to loose a fur baby, and even more so at such a young age. We are heartbroken.

Rainbow Bridge

It’s never broken my heart more to have to completely rewrite a kitty bio here. Rex was a big, strong kitten who loved galloping around the house and ambushing his siblings. He was adventurous and strong. He was going to grow up to be a really big boy. We’re still not sure of the cause, but after having the kitty flue, he got a serious eye condition, and he’s currently blind. We’re working our way through treatments and tests, and now working with specialists to see what can be done for his eyes.

In the mean time, he is learning how to be blind in a busy house. He knows the layout of things, but often walks into other cats. Or they bump him around. He is clearly depressed and confused by this life change, but he loves cuddling so much now. We’re still in early days, so we’re working on confidence and security, and then we’ll work on returning play and fun to his life.

The goal will be to stabilize his vision issues, and find him a home with a family that can appreciate a super sweet, blind kitty. Although I was initially devastated by his vision issues, I’ve done a lot of research, and now have hope for his long and happy life. So many wonderful people have adopted blind kitties and made them wonderful homes, I have to believe we’ll find the right family for Rex!

Health history:

9/26/15 – When we first trapped these kittens, Rex had slightly goopy / crusty eyes which cleared up within 36 hours of treatment. He had a spot of ringworm on his tail that has also cleared up, and the fur is growing back in.

11/23/15 – Rex had 5 days of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, and bounced back immediately.

1/29/16 – The kitty flu has whipped through our house, and Rex had been sick the longest. He seemed unable to kick the funk, so we took him to our vet. Along with antibiotics, we were given eye ointment for inflamed cornea. It wasn’t until I watched him for two days that I began to suspect he could see little to nothing. One eye was good and one was not good. But he wasn’t really seeing much.

3/4/16 – After our most recent vet visit, we’re sure Rex can’t see anything. We have run out of medicines and tests. Our vets have sent his records on to eye specialists to see if there’s anything they can suggest. Aside from being blind, he seems depressed and feeling funky. He can make his way around the house, and we’re working on getting him healthy. But this is a big adjustment and a big question mark on his future.

3/24/16 – Only three weeks after being diagnosed with FIP, Rex succumbed to his condition and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken.

Quick Details

Litter box: C
Other cats: A+
Cuddling: A+
Food: A+