Zoey really loves the bed, 8-8-15


Temporary Name: Zoey Gender: Female Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 3/1/14 Adopted! Zoey has had a rough start to her short life, but she has retained her cheerful, playful disposition. She loves all cats. She loves all people. She is learning to like dogs. In early summer, Zoey was confiscated from a hoarding house […]

Zelda outside, 7-20-15

Zelda is Still Finding a Place

Zelda has been hanging around more lately, showing up for almost every meal. She’s made her way into the back yard, taking Sally’s place under the mock orange bush. She has even darted inside a few times. It’s amazing how similar she is to Henri. From her dense, wiry frame to her round belly to […]

She's got Moxie 6-25-15

The Hard Days

I don’t get paid to do what I do for animals. I do it because I care. And I think somehow it makes a small difference. But not all days have rewards. Some days are tougher than others. Today was a tough day. Moxie has been sick for almost a week. Throwing up. We got […]


The Cathouse Three

As part of the ongoing saga with my hoarding neighbor, I’ve been waiting to hear what happened to the three cats that Alachua County Animal Services liberated from the house. Last I heard they had seen a vet and were at the shelter. But nothing else. This morning I got a call from Animal Services […]