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Zelda outside, 7-20-15

Zelda is Still Finding a Place

Zelda, 7-20-15
Zelda, 7-20-15

Zelda has been hanging around more lately, showing up for almost every meal. She’s made her way into the back yard, taking Sally’s place under the mock orange bush. She has even darted inside a few times.

It’s amazing how similar she is to Henri. From her dense, wiry frame to her round belly to her silky long fur. Her face. Her funny stiff-legged walk. Even her meow as she tries to get attention. The ACAS vets estimated her at 4 years old, which definitely means she could be Henri’s daughter.

Although I can tell she’s been an indoor/outdoor cat at some point, she likely has been indoors for a few years by the way she seems disoriented and overwhelmed outside. With a little TLC, she would probably convert to a mostly indoor cat again.

She’s so sweet, and essentially just wants to be snuggled and feel like someone is looking out for her.

I’m also watching her eartip. Zoe’s tipping looks awkward, but Zelda actually had a double snip, leaving a flap of ear hanging on cautiously. I may have to get her back in to see someone to have it fixed rather than leave it get infected or ripped.

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