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Yoshi cuddling fuzzy cats 10-21-15

Yoshi “The Paw”

Temporary Name:

Yoshi, (a.k.a.) The Paw

Yoshi is a lovely girl who is very fond of friendly female cats, but has some anxiety or social issues. She is quite skittish in large groups or around a lot of movement. Unfortunately we don’t have the best environment to provide the solitude and quiet she needs to develop confidence. She is available for adoption, but we are also interested in a long term foster able to work with her. Ideally she would live in a quiet home with another calm female cat.

Gender: Female
Color: White with black
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 5/10/15
Mom: Magnolia
Family: 4 kittens

Yoshi is a sweet, playful girl who is looking for a special family to be patient with her. Quite a few all- or mostly-white cats have hearing or vision deficits, and we suspect she might have minor hearing loss. She does have an extra thumb on her right paw, and wonderful markings!

She had been on hold for a late adoption, but that fell through recently, so she is back on the adoptable list.

Currently available for adoption!

Yoshi was the fourth of four kittens we caught at our neighbor’s condemned house. She has amazing markings, and was one of the biggest and healthiest of her litter. She is also the feistiest, and we’re working hard to socialize her to humans. She’s very playful, has taken to the litter box quickly, and loves tasty wet cat food.

She has a tiny additional thumb, complete with tiny claw, on her right paw, giving her a subtle mitten look to that paw. She has a fondness for large, fuzzy, older female cats, and also loves to play with anyone willing to chase and wrestle. In her months with us waiting for her adoptive family (which unfortunately got canceled), she has grown into an exceptionally gorgeous little lady, with lush double-thick fur remarkably like her mother’s.

Health history:

Several of Yoshi’s litter mates had slightly crusty eyes. We didn’t see anything abnormal about her eyes but cleaned them for the first two days she was with us. Otherwise she seems fairly healthy.

8/20/15 – Yoshi was spayed and given her rabies vaccine at No More Homeless Pets.

Note: Yoshi needs a patient family. We haven’t been able to have her professionally evaluated, but we feel she may have some hearing loss issues. This is not abnormal for all- or mostly-white cats. She needs a patient family willing to help her adjust to a new home and new people since she is sensitive to sudden movements or unexpected attempts to pet her.

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: A+
Cuddling: C- [She has some socialization issues]
Food: A+

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