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Jane, 6-10-15


Jane, 5-20-15
Jane, 5-20-15


Sweet Jane is a quiet lady that needs a peaceful home — preferably with a sunny windowsill, an occasional warm lap, and a food bowl all her own. Despite her rough life on the street, she’s a gentle, timid little girl that’s very polite.

Gender: Female
Color: Brown Tabby & white
Fur: Short
Born: Fall 2012 (estimated)

Mom: Unknown, possibly Mushka
Family: At least 1 litter of kittens (Batman, Valentina, Sushi, Moneypenny)

Available for adoption.

Teen Jane 6-16-13
Jane as a teenager, probably pregnant already

We originally met Jane as a young teen mom who showed up at our colony, pregnant and hungry. Based on age and behavior, my best guess is that she is the daughter of one of our original colony members, Mushka. A few months later she brought her kittens to our front porch. We managed to catch all four kittens and mom, and bring them inside. I got her spayed through Operation Catnip, and as soon as she was done nursing, we slowly transitioned her to being an outside cat again because she was unhappy inside.

It was heartbreaking to watch her survive on the streets. She tried desperately to find a place in our colony, but she was small and passive, and became the lowest kitty on the pecking order. Everyone picked on her, and more often than not, she would spend her days living in the storm drains to keep out of reach of more aggressive cats.

And then she disappeared for a little over a week. We were getting ready to go out with friends on a Saturday when I happened to look outside and see her hunched in the grass across the street. Seeing her condition, the fact that I easily picked her up and carried her inside, I canceled all plans and took her to our vet immediately. After an exam and blood tests, he supported my instant assessment. Chances are she was trapped in our hoarding neighbor’s house for a week without food or much water. He suggested we keep her inside for a few weeks with a lot of TLC to see if she bounced back.

Jane loves windowsills 10-18-15
Jane loves windowsills 10-18-15

And boy, did she bounce back. After a few days of sleeping and eating a cat food slurry, she started to amble around the house and make noses with other cats. Within weeks she was the absolute happiest cat I’ve ever met. It was like she was in Disney World every day. She loved being picked up and snuggled. She loved being fed. She loved finding a new place to nap. She found a spot in the hallway to sit where she could pop out and sniff all of the cats that went by. She liked to lay next to the dog and let him snuffled all over her head.

We are sure if she returned to the outside life, she would probably be more assertive in the colony now that she’s found her inner strength. But she is a small cat and very sweet, and if we could place her in a good home, it would mean one less vulnerable cat on the streets. And Jane is a small, undemanding kitty that wants only a sunny windowsill, a food bowl, and someone to talk to her.

Health History

7/11/13 – Jane brought her kittens to us. We managed to catch all four kittens and her, and brought them inside.

7/31/13 – Jane went through an Operation Catnip clinic to be spayed and get her vaccines.

4/4/15 – Jane arrived after being gone over a week, looking very ill. An emergency vet visit and some fluids later, and we decided to keep her inside beyond her two week recovery period.

Overall, Jane is a healthy cat. She’s still young enough to be playful, but for the most part, she’s very calm. She is now getting a little chubbier around the middle than she’s ever been.

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: A [But probably best with less aggressive cats]
Cuddling: B+ [she loves being picked up and adores lap napping]
Food: A+

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