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Fighter Meets Voldemort

Volvo and Fighter cuddling 11/22/14
Volvo and Fighter cuddling 11/22/14



We’ve always said that Fighter and Spider, the two boys from Little Mamma, looked and acted so much like their uncle (?) Voldemort, the alpha male in our colony.

Spider got adopted out before he could really meet Volvo, but with the weather getting cold and Voldemort darting into the house lately, Fighter has gotten to know his older mirror cat. They look alike, but more than that, they are both dominant males with big squishy, cuddly sides.

With Volvo in the house (acting like he wants to learn how to be an indoor cat), Fighter has gotten to know him a bit. Which was adorable until tonight when they actually cuddle up on the couch together. I really thought I was going to explode from the cuteness. It sucks that it’s so hard to get attractive pictures of black cats, but I desperately tried. They cuddled up for a good 20 minutes, which knowing Volvo, is a Christmas miracle.

As it is, when I have to evict Volvo from the house for whatever reason, I have to double check to make sure I’m not putting Fighter outside. Fortunately, their major difference is that Fighter has amazingly silky fur, where Volvo has a coarse, short fur like Spider inherited.

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