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Sophie’s First day

Sophia loves the cat tree!
Sophia loves the cat tree!


Sophie’s first two day were just for relaxation and evaluation. She hovers in the kitten room uncertainly, alternating between the windowsill and the hut at the top of the cat tree. Her roommates, Saffron and Ginger regarded her nervously at first but soon let down their guard.

Observationally, I have become more convinced Sophia was kept in poor confinement for some time. I’m no expert though. She seems to lack muscle tone of a cat her age used to running and jumping around. Her white socks seem a worn-in yellow as if she has spent time standing in filth. She is skinny and limp, with a rounded belly that may be worms. I fear it is an early pregnancy because of how she naturally seems to lay down in the nursing position.

But her personality is amazing. She is sweet and docile in a good way. She craves human contact. When she anticipates being stroked, she sits very still and makes biscuits with her tiny paws excitedly. When petted, she likes to lean in to your hand and purr, practically rolling over to intensify the affection. And when you pick her up, she curles into you, purring and making air biscuits.

Sophia is learning about kitty toys
Sophia is learning about kitty toys

She seems to eat food timidly. I can’t tell yet if she’s afraid to relax and eat, or if she has trouble eating hard food. But she is definitely a fan of a full, clean water bowl. I haven’t actually seen her use a litter box yet, but after two days now, she hasn’t left any accidents so I can only assume she’s doing the right thing.

And she is incredibly open and friendly to other cats. Without hesitation she has tried to make friends with each of the cats in the house that wanders near her room. She is nervous about the dog but not fearful.

I put up a picture and a Craigslist ad for her on the same night she came to us. On Monday I got a sincere interest text/email from someone who had one mustache cat and was tickled by the prospect of a second one. Fingers crossed that this happens because Sophia needs a hero so bad.

In the mean time, the usual heroes are going to help her. Operation Catnip is sponsoring nip/spay, shots, etc, through No More Homeless Pets (Operation Petsnip). Sophia is on schedule to go in Wednesday morning for the works. She’ll never have to worry about raising kittens on the streets. Or getting stuck in the breeding cycle. And hopefully, with some time under her furry belt, she’ll blossom into the sweet little lady that she seems to be under all of this.

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