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Max face 1-14-16

Max Spoon

Temporary Name:


Max is 70 pounds of personality in a 7 pound kitty shape. He came to us completely unable to see, and terrified of humans, but within a week he became a happy, outgoing little dude. He’s friendly and demanding, always following people around and asking cuddles. Hint: He likes to be carried around, draped over your right shoulder, not your left. Apparently there’s a difference 🙂

Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 8/28/15
Mother: Spoon

Currently available for adoption!

I put off trapping these kittens as long as possible so they had as much time with mom as possible, but one day I realized this little guy couldn’t see at all because of the crusty goop covering his eyes. In fact, I didn’t even have to trap him–I just walked quietly up to him and grabbed him.

But within days of regular eye washes, he and his siblings were doing so much better, and being socialized to indoors with humans. They all picked up litter box and food/water bowls immediately. And Max led the charge to take over the house.

He loves to wrestle with his brother or chase his sister around, but his newest passion is trailing around after a people and meowing loudly to get picked up. He has a huge purr and within 1.8 seconds of being picked up, his motor is going full blast!

Health History

9/26/15 – When we first trapped these kittens, Max’s eyes were crusted and gooped completely closed. Within days, his eyes were clear and his eyelids were healing. He was left with a slight rumble in his chest which makes him have a coughing spell from time to time. If it persists, we’ll have to bring him in to our vet to have it addressed.

11/23/15 – Max got very sick very quickly, and we spent several weeks in and out of the vet trying to get him back on his feet. We think a brief case of general worms knocked out his immune system, giving him a sinus infection and and digestive issues, which made it hard to get better. With a lot of TLC, good food, medicine, and probiotics, we’re mostly back to normal. But because he was sick for several weeks at a critical time, he’s smaller than his siblings. He’s still as cuddly and bossy as ever though!

12/15/15 – Max was neutered and give his 1-year rabies vaccine. He’s officially available to adopt!

2/15/16 – Update: Max finally kicked the funk and the snotty issues, and he’s super healthy. He has almost caught up with his sister in size, and he’s a solid little boy. This kid is ready to go!

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: A+
Cuddling: A++
Food: A+