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Steve “The Girl”

Steve profile 3-3-16Temporary Name:

Steve, (a.k.a.) The Girl

Gender: Female
Color: Black & white
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 5/10/15
Mom: Magnolia
Family: 4 kittens

Available for Adoption

Yes, Steve is a girl. We were picking temporary names, and I wanted to call her Kiki but it was pointed out her sisters were Katana and Kawaii, and having three K kittens was weird. So I jokingly called her Steve and it stuck.

She and her sister Katana were the first two kittens we caught, and they’re so rambunctious and playful, they’re having no trouble being socialized. Steve is the second smallest of The Littles, and she loves to play and climb. She is doesn’t seem to be afraid of very much right now, and is learning to like cuddles.

Health history:

Several of Steve’s litter mates had slightly crusty eyes. We didn’t see anything abnormal about her eyes but cleaned them for the first two days she was with us. Otherwise she seems fairly healthy.

Update 8/27/15: Steve was officially adopted by her new family, and especially likes her new fluffy fur-buddy friend. Her new name is Nami, and she is adored by her new hoomans!

Update 3/3/16: Life is challenging and things didn’t work out with her new people for the long term. This happens. But Steve doesn’t understand. She is home here with us and a little depressed. After a few weeks of unwinding and evaluation, she should be ready to meet new people and maybe have a furever home this time.

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