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Floyd bite, 7-27-15
Floyd bite, 7-27-15

Getting to know Floyd has been an adventure, as it always is making friends with a feral cat. He’s now at the point that he enjoys human interaction. He waits for me at the end of the driveway to bring out food. And often follows me back to the driveway before going back to eat.

Petting him is tricky because he’s gotten a bit aggressive before. A quick swat with is paw to let me know he doesn’t want me to go yet.

But this time I pet him too much and he got too excited. When I pulled back to leave, he tried to grab my arm like cats do when they want more attention. Only he’s not used to furless, pink humans. He grabbed me and tried to bite me to keep my attention. Unfortunately, he underestimated his own strength and sharp, pointy parts.

I’ve had to watch how much focused attention I give him so he doesn’t get excited again. And if he follows me home, I make sure to watch him so he doesn’t swing on my calves again. It makes me sad because he just wants affection and reassurance. But I might end up with more than some light scratches and bruises next time.

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