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Kitten crate, 8-2-15
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Bittersweet Days of Babies Growing Up

Today was one of those bittersweet days that I had to face. It happens every time we have kittens. And it’s a good thing. But it always makes me sad.

On the first day of kittens, I pull out Sammy’s old dog crate and set it up with bowls and tiny litter tray and a cozy cardboard box. Then as they babies get old enough, they get time to run outside the crate, but not for long. Eventually they earn the privilege  of being free all day, and only get crated at night. The very last stage is where they get free roaming rights, with their crate open as always until they learn to use the big cats’ food bowls and litter boxes.

And then I have to decide to disassemble the kitten crate and pack it away because the babies are little kids now and dashing around the house. The next stage is to get them all fixed and vaccinated, and then adopted to permanent homes.

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