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Moxie is a shameless cuddler, 6-25-15


Profile, MoxieMoxie

Moxie is the victorious survivor of a hoarding situation, and she has come a long way towards a normal life. Although she (understandably) has anxiety issues around other cats, she adores her humans and is amazingly affectionate. She will do best in a home without other cats, or with just one relaxed animal. And she prefers women over men, but is wonderfully affectionate in either case. When you get to know Moxie, you can see her dealing with her issues every day, and she is an amazing example of someone who decided to overcome her tragic past.

Gender: Female
Color: Black & white
Fur: Short
Born: Unknown (estimated 2011)

Available for adoption.

Moxie came to us from a sad hoarding/neglect situation and was completely emaciated. When I took her in to the next Operation Catnip clinic, they wanted to euthanize her immediately, but I managed to talk her into another chance. The mission was to fatten her up enough to have spay surgery and her shots.

It has been a long, uphill struggle to get her better, but she is a truly amazing cat with a phenomenal personality. She loves to cuddle and talk, and is very people-oriented. We found out she had already been spayed at some point, so we’re working under the assumption that she had been someone’s pet already.

In our journey towards getting Moxie fatter and healthier, we have also been working with her anxiety and social skills. She has come a long way but will likely need a home with few animals and probably no kids. She prefers women, and will even ask for attention form women visitors she has just met. But she will tolerate a guy roommate as a second best option 🙂

We also discovered she loves the red laser dot game.

Health History

When Moxie arrived at our door, she was too skinny to even tell where her organs were, what to speak of attempt to spay her. Over the course of time, we brought her back to a healthy weight, and have a firm grasp on her anxiety issue (all of which came from being in a hoarding house). When she is stressed, she loses weight and anxiety-grooms, but in a relaxed environment she really starts to blossom.

5/17/15 – Operation Catnip. Unsuccessful. Initially too emaciated to do spay surgery on, we have been working to get her fat enough to have surgery and vaccines.

5/19/15 – General check up with vet. Moxie weighed 4.5 pounds (normal weight is 7 to 8 pounds)

6/11/15 – Vet weigh-in at 5.25 pounds!

6/30/15 – Roundworm treatment (and whole house of cats).

7/3/15 – Vet weigh-in at 4.75 pounds after roundworm illness and treatment.

8/18/15 – Moxie weighed in at 6.5 pounds is cleared for surgery.

8/20/15 – At NMHP: Operation petsnip we discovered she was already spayed. She did get her rabies vaccine.

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: C [due to her previous hoarding life, she has anxiety issues with other cats]
Cuddling: A+
Food: A+

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