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Pax Spoon

Temporary Name:


Pax is named after the Roman goddess of peace because she is a calm, peaceful, sweet girl. She loves to wrestle with her brothers, but she’s just as happy entertaining herself, or just having a nap. She starts off a little shy, but she loves being scritched and combed, and turns into a happy melty kitten in your lap for “spa time”.

Gender: Female
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 8/28/15

Currently available for adoption!

Pax was the healthiest of the three babies when she arrived. She also loved napping the most. While her brothers are wrestling and falling all over the place, she is usually playing on her own happily, or joining them until she’s sick of the rough and tumble.

She currently needs a little patience, but she’s 80% socialized. She doesn’t like loud noises but has gotten used to our dog (and the yelling at the football games on TV, haha). Once you pick her up and she realizes you’re just going to pet her, she totally relaxes and starts purring like mad. She loves other cats, napping, her food, and her brothers… possibly in that order.

Health history:

9/26/15 – When we first trapped these kittens, her brothers had goopy / crusty eyes which cleared up within 36 hours of treatment, but she had perfectly clear eyes and no health issues.

2/15/16 – Health update: The kitty flu that whipped through our house barely affected Pax. She has some reoccurring drippy eyes which may come back from time to time, but other than that she continues to be healthy as a horse!

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: A+
Cuddling: B- [She is still nervous about being picked up initially]
Food: A+

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