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Izzy's ride home, 7/5/15

Izzy the Sassy

Izzy profile, 8-4-15Temporary Name:

Izzy, (a.k.a.) The Sassy

Gender: Female
Color: Torbie & white
Fur: Long
Born: Approximately 6/9/15
Mom: Unknown
Family: Unknown

Update: Adopted!

Izzy came to us suddenly on a hot Sunday. A friend found a kitten in her apartment stairwell and didn’t know what to do. After a few hours, the kitten had moved up to the third floor landing, with little intention of going down again. She was filthy and starving. I drove over to pick up the single kitten who was much smaller and dirtier than the pictures.

Now Izzy has had a spa break at a foster mom’s house, she’s back in action and ready to meet potential new friends. This little girls is a firecracker, and will tell you exactly what’s on her mind. She is bold and adventurous, and even when she’s nervous, she’ll charge full blast into a new situation. But when she slows down from her wazzies, she’s aggressively cuddly.

If you’re interested in bringing Izzy home, make sure you’re prepared for a super energetic and active kitten. She’s going to have long fur and will need some help with that throughout her life. She’s getting used to lots of other cats, and a dog. And she spent a few weeks with toddlers. So she’s going to be a great kitty friend to you!

Update 8/26/15: Izzy was officially adopted by her new mom and re-named Jade because of her amazing eyes!


paypal buttonSponsor Izzy getting adoption-ready. She’ll be spayed, get her rabies vaccine, and be treated for parasites. Total cost is only $80 through No More Homeless Pets. Send any support by PayPal or Google Wallet to radhakrueger@gmail.com. Check out our Support page for full info.


Health history:

On arrival, Izzy got a bath, but she still had sap or something in her tail. She was very hungry and skinny, but otherwise looked to be in great health. There was the usual crusty eyes and nose of a street kitten. I would estimate that she was almost three weeks old and probably away from her family for a few days.

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