Caesar with hoarding house in background 10-20-15


Temporary Name: Caesar Gender: Male Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 8/22/10 Caesar is one of our colony cats that has had a few near-tragedies happen to him. He’s a great big lover that is caught between being a street cat and a house cat. He escaped starvation, a dog attack, a hoarding house, and […]

Paulie is insanely cute, 9-12-15


Temporary Name: Paulie Gender: Male Color: Grey Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 5/1/15 Adopted!     When Paulie first arrived in the colony at the end of August, I thought he was a she and I called her Polly. In getting her fixed and checked for a microchip, we found out she was a he, and […]

Zoey really loves the bed, 8-8-15


Temporary Name: Zoey Gender: Female Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 3/1/14 Adopted! Zoey has had a rough start to her short life, but she has retained her cheerful, playful disposition. She loves all cats. She loves all people. She is learning to like dogs. In early summer, Zoey was confiscated from a hoarding house […]

Izzy's ride home, 7/5/15

Izzy the Sassy

Temporary Name: Izzy, (a.k.a.) The Sassy Gender: Female Color: Torbie & white Fur: Long Born: Approximately 6/9/15 Mom: Unknown Family: Unknown Update: Adopted! Izzy came to us suddenly on a hot Sunday. A friend found a kitten in her apartment stairwell and didn’t know what to do. After a few hours, the kitten had moved up to the third […]

Kawaii is super cute, 7-16-15

Kawaii “The Cute”

Temporary Name: Kawaii, (a.k.a.) The Cute Gender: Female Color: Black & white Fur: Short Born: Approximately 5/10/15 Mom: Magnolia Family: 4 kittens Update: Adopted! Kawaii was the third of the four caught. Her name is a Japanese pop-culture word for ‘cute’ or ‘super cute’. She is also the smallest of the four, as well as the most calm. Her […]

Katana in Hammock

Katana “The Brave”

Temporary Name: Katana, (a.k.a.) The Brave Gender: Female Color: Gray & white Fur: Short Born: Approximately 5/10/15 Mom: Magnolia Family: 4 kittens Update: Adopted! Katana has been a brave and outgoing little girl since she arrived. She is super energetic, loves to play, and keeps her sisters going. She’s not afraid of much. Although she enjoys the kitty hammocks, she […]


Princess Nara

Pepper / Nara 5-13-15 I LOVE getting updates on our furry friends who found furever homes! This one came in on a day that was kind of difficult, so it was such a great message! “Wanted to give you guys an update on Nara… She’s growing into such a beautiful cat. Easily one of the […]

Sophia loves the cat tree!


Temporary Name: Sophia Gender: Female Color: Black & White Fur: Short Born: Unknown/aprox 8 months Mom: Unknown Family: Unknown Update: Adopted! This is breaking news to everyone, including Sophia. I just stepped outside to shoo an opossum away from the colony cats’ food bowls, and an unfamiliar kitty head popped out of one of the kitty huts. I’m […]

He sleeps on his head a lot, 5-25-15

The Dude (a.k.a.) Little Fighter

Temporary Name: The Dude, (a.k.a.) Little Fighter Gender: Male Color: Black Fur: Short Born: Approximately 4/17/14 Mom: Lil Mamma Family: 6 kittens Adopted! Update: The Dude was adopted by the perfect family and is doing well 🙂 Little Fighter got his name because he was the most fearless and playful of his siblings. He would […]