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Kitten in litter box
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Kitten Litter Boxes

Kitten in litter box
Kawaii in a small litter box

I’m no expert, but the simple truth is that cats naturally want the litter box experience. They want a designated space to bury it. Ad if you provide that, they’re going to use it.

Yes, there are many reasons why cats choose not to use the space you provide, but kittens are usually blank slates without the issues cats have. So kittens generally take to a litter box quickly on their own. It sometimes helps to put some of their poop in the litter box so they know this is the place to do it.

As for litter boxes, we’ve had a variety of kitten ages come through here (and box skills), and one helpful thing we’ve found is the disposable aluminum trays and pans you find in most grocery stores in the paper towel and plastic bag aisle. They come in all shapes and sizes, and when they get gross, you can switch them for new ones.

The little 1″ deep ones are great for new kittens just learning how to crawl into the tray, and the big deep turkey size ones are great for when you have to confine an adult cat to a crate with limited space. I usually keep the cake size pans (14″ by 10″) or brownie trays (8.5″ by 8.5″) on hand for whenever things pop up. They’re about 2 inches deep, great for your average kitten’s legs. Plus you can buy a two pack that comes with the clear plastic lids that are the same dimensions and can be used as litter trays also. Again, you can go through these quickly when a litter of kittens is learning, and sometimes missing.

I am not a fan of disposable stuff because why junk up the planet. But sometimes the safest and cleanest option is to toss a poop-draped aluminum tray so the yuck doesn’t get trailed everywhere.

And if you have extras after the little ones grow up, you can always use them for their intended purpose.

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