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No More Homeless Pets offers low-cost spay/neuter for your cats or dogs through their Operation Petsnip program.

A common problem for pet owners is the high cost of traditional veterinary clinics. NMHP is part of the drive to end unnecessary euthanasia in Alachua County, and part of that is stopping the flow of unintended kittens and puppies.

No More Homeless Pets is located on NW 6th at the rear of the Humane Society building. If you drive around the side of the Humane Society, the NMHP admissions door is where the two wings meet.

4205 A-2 NW 6th St
Gainesville FL 32609

The info:

  • Spay/neuter for cats/kittens = $50
  • Required rabies vaccine. If you need it, that is only = $15
  • Kittens must be 8 weeks and 2 pounds
  • Other service include deworming, other vaccines, flea treatment, microchipping, ear cleaning, and nail trimming
  • They offer a ferral cat package for $50, which is the same thing offered at Operation Catnip clinics.
  • The offer dog: spay/neuter ($80), rabies and other vaccines, parasite treatment, heartworm test, microchipping etc.
  • They also offer ‘cat in a box’ and ‘dog in a box’ packages.
  • All of the people that handle your pet are professionals, from reception staff to vet tech to certified veterinarian. Any fees you pay are minimal to cover actual supplies and costs. The balance of the service is underwritten with grants and donations to reduce animal overpopulation and enrich animal quality of life.

If you are on a fixed income or receive assistance like food stamps or social security, please discuss lower fees for your situation. This is a non-profit organization that is focused on working with the needful community. Please keep in mind that this is a small non-profit instead of a fancy veterinary hospital. You will need to work in their time frame. (It’s been my experience that these are all incredibly lovely and helpful people who are overworked, so don’t get grumpy if you have to call them a few times before you successfully make an appointment.)

What to expect:

  1. Call to make an appointment day (352-376-6647). Cat and dog spay/neuter fees must be paid in advance with a deposit by check or credit card.
  2. Take away cat’s food at 7:00 PM the night before surgery. If they may have eaten after that time, make sure to tell the person checking you in for surgery.
  3. Day of surgery: You must arrive at 7:30 AM for orientation and paperwork with the group of other patients. Cats must be in a hard carrier (or a humane trap if ferral). Cats and dogs must be left in your car during check in.
  4. After check in, retrieve your cat (or dog) and bring it to the correct door, and give the vet tech the check-in paperwork along with the cat or cats.
  5. Cats are scheduled to be picked up at 5:00 PM (dogs are picked up at 4:30). You will be given discharge info, all of which is very important.


  • If you have multiple cats/dogs, your cat (or dog) that has surgery will smell funny to the rest of the pets. This will cause stress to everyone for at least two days. To shorten this, take a shirt you’ve recently worn that smells like you and rub it all over your cat to transfer familiar scent.
  • It’s more than a friendly suggestion to get the “Yesterday’s News” cat litter. Especially for male cats whose surgery sites are left open. Regular litter is dusty and particles can get into the site and cause infection. This litter is pellets, and super awkward, but is better than an infected nibbles and bits on a cranky boy cat.

Find out more at the NMHP website:

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