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Charlie sleeping, 5-9-15

Temporary Charlie

Charlie profileTemporary Name:

Temporary Charlie

Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 4/17/14
Mom: Lil Mamma
Family: 6 kittens

Currently available for adoption.

Charlie was the smallest of the litter. A little crusty-eyed kitten that could barely compete for a milky nipple. Of course I’m a sucker for the underdog (undercat?). In the first week of holding them and cleaning their crusty eyes three to four times a day, he broke my heart. Not only did he have such a hard time with being tiny and crusty, but he started to have a personality, and he reminded me so much of Tom, a neighborhood cat that had passed away only a few months before.

He has a very large and lanky frame making him quite a big boy. And he has the short, black and white, coarse fur that makes him seem aerodynamic and almost waterproof. Before I knew he was a boy, I told him he had better be a guy because of the distinct mustache and soul patch on his face. Fortunately he has turned into quite the goofy, cuddly, sweetheart. He loves to talk and purr, and he has the sweet, gentle-giant voice that I knew and loved in Tom.

Charlie (as in Charlie Chaplin mustache, right?) is sweet and playful. He’ll probably do best in a house as an only cat, but he doesn’t seem to mind dogs. He just wants all of your kitty attention for himself. He’s looking like he’s going to be a giant throw pillow of a cat – sweet, mellow, and talkative.

Update 10-21-14: We’re learning to wear a collar now and don’t seem to mind it that much!

Update 4-7-15: Charlie lived up to his ‘Temporary Charlie’ name. After a few months, he came back from his adoptive house. After talking with the family and observing him back home with us for a few weeks, we’re confident that he’ll be successful in a new home now. He needs more attention than he was getting, and he would probably be happier as an only cat because he wants to be the center of your world 🙂 Probably not a good roommate for another dominant male cat.

Health history:

8/27/14 – Neutered, rabies vaccine, flea/parasite treatment, and microchipped. (No More Homeless Pets: Operation Petsnip, www.nmhp.net)

When these kittens came to us, they had very crusty eyes. It took a good week or two to get that under control. This little boy hasn’t shown signs of any returning issues.

Quick Details

Litter box: A+ [He’s a large-framed cat who will need a big box, but he likes one of the covered boxes we have]
Other cats: B+ [Best with non-aggressive males]
Cuddling: A+
Food: A+

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