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Elusive, 4-16-15

Elusive Number 6

Elusive Profile
Elusive Number 6 has a sweet and expressive face

Temporary Name:

Elusive Number 6

Gender: Female
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 4/17/14
Mom: Lil Mamma
Family: 6 kittens

Currently available for adoption.

When we first went out to bring these kittens in from our neighbor’s yard, we thought there were five and called it a day when we got five kittens. An hour later our neighbor came over to say there was a sixth kitten. An elusive sixth kitten that has proven to be fast and smart.

She’s the first to go charging into new territory, and the first to jump up and demand to be cuddled. She is her own person who will probably go into a new home to make it her kingdom, conquering with cuteness and a velvet paw. Despite being headstrong and demanding, she is a huge cuddle bug who will stop at nothing to be in the middle of the action. I’ve fallen in love with the sassy way she flicks her tail (a black tail with an adorable white tip!) when she’s trying to get your attention. And she is so people friendly that she will crawl up into your face to sniff your breath if something gets her attention.

This little girl is the ringleader of her siblings, and always has been.

Health history:

8/20/14 – Spayed, rabies vaccine, flea/parasite treatment, and microchipped. (No More Homeless Pets: Operation Petsnip, www.nmhp.net)

When these kittens came to us, they had very crusty eyes. It took a good week or two to get that under control. This little girl hasn’t shown signs of any returning issues.

Quick Details

Litter box: B-
Other cats: A+
Cuddling: A
Food: A+

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