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Paulie is insanely cute, 9-12-15


Temporary Name:


Gender: Male
Color: Grey Tabby
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 5/1/15


When Paulie first arrived in the colony at the end of August, I thought he was a she and I called her Polly. In getting her fixed and checked for a microchip, we found out she was a he, and changed it to Paulie. He is an insanely cute little grey tabby boy, and although he’s skinny right now, has the potential to grow up into a big throw pillow cat. His fur is so soft and almost feels double thick. He’s also very talkative!

Although I originally thought he was a lost or abandoned kitten, in getting to know him I feel like he’s had minimal interaction with people so far. But he is a pretty relaxed dude who seems fascinated by people and living indoors. He loves toys, and he really loves to cuddle other cats. He instantly starts to purr when you pick him up. We’re working on getting him used to snuggles. He like to lay next to you, but he’s not sure laying ON you is such a great idea yet.

He suffered from sores or wounds on his paws. Although we believe the condition is in permanent remission, he should probably be watched for a few more weeks. Right now he is sleeping a lot, and eating even more. He’s at that age where he’s growing like a weed, and he started out kind of skinny so he’s catching up.

He adores ping pong balls, and any kind of dangly toys. He’s taken to our cat trees and likes to sleep in the top perches, preferably upside down and stretched out. So far he seems to like all other cats and is happy to make friends and cuddle with any cats. And he isn’t bothered by our dog. He’s quite independent but is very social and would probably do best in a house with another chill cat.

Health History

8/26/15 – Neutered and given vaccines (rabies, FIV, FeL, etc.) at No More Homeless Pets. He was treated as a stray/feral, so he was also ear-tipped.

9/8/15 – Vet visit. Received check up and long-lasting antibiotics to treat his feet. [He suffered briefly from what we can only guess is something called ‘pillow foot’ (Plasma Cell Pododermatitis). It is an autoimmune disorder that vets don’t know enough about yet. It’s not a disease, but likely something triggered by stress. It’s where the immune system goes weird and attacks the pads of the paws causing them to swell and rupture. He was treated and bounced back amazingly well. There’s not reason to believe it will ever come back.]

9/20/15 – After a great consult with a specialist, we’re happy to conclude Paulie probably didn’t have ‘pillow foot’ after all. He likely had a reaction to the stress of being trapped and having surgery, and then being brought indoors. He’s pretty much healed up and ready to meet people finally!

Quick Details

Litter box: A+
Other cats: A+ [He wants to be friends with everyone]
Cuddling: C+ [He is still learning about lap sitting]
Food: A+

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