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Zoey has a little squint to her left eye, 7-6-15



Gender: Female
Color: Brown Tabby
Fur: Short
Born: Approximately 3/1/14


Zoey has had a rough start to her short life, but she has retained her cheerful, playful disposition. She loves all cats. She loves all people. She is learning to like dogs.

In early summer, Zoey was confiscated from a hoarding house in our neighborhood. At Animal Services she was evaluated at 1.5/5 on the body fat scale, and deemed emaciated. She was treated for parasites and infections, and held for adoption. But after 30 days, ACAS needed the space, and since no one showed interested in this tiny cat, they opted to release her as a feral cat to her original neighborhood rather than euthanize her.

When the tech came to release Zoey and her companion Zelda, Zelda took off running as fast as she could. Zoey wouldn’t come out of her carrier. I pulled her out and she tried to go back in. The tech and I weren’t sure what to do because the other options were grim, but Zoey didn’t know that. I carried her to my yard and showed her my colony cats, their food, their shelter. She tried to hide in a corner of my porch and curled up in a miserable, terrified ball. I realized that she probably spent her whole short life inside the hoarding house and the outdoors was too overwhelming for her.

Even though I was at my cat limit, I brought her inside my house because she was breaking my heart. I set her up in a crate for the night. She stayed in her crate for two days sleeping and being too scared to come out. And then little by little she snuck out to explore the house and make noses with the other cats. As soon as she discovered rattle mice, she was convinced this was an awesome new magical place. She LOVES to play. She discovered the kittens and earned a place as their fun big sister. She discovered cuddling on the bed at night. She discovered sunny windowsills and always-full food bowls.

She is now an amazingly happy cat, and she’s ready for a home of her own where she can continue to discover how good life can really be. She’s tiny and active, and would be a great apartment cat. She loves every cats she’s met but would probably do best with another active cat, or even on her own.

Health History

5/13/15 – Alachua County Animal Services confiscated Zoey from a hoarding house. She was treated for malnutrition and evaluated, as well as given FELV/FIV tests. Treated for respiratory infection, ear mites, and tapeworm. She was deemed adoptable and held at Animals Services for adoption.

7/3/15 – After over 30 days at Animal Services without interest, they arranged for Zoey and Zelda to be released to their original neighborhood (rather than be euthanized). First she was taken to No More Homeless Pets for spay and rabies vaccines.

8/3/15 – After living with Zoey for a month, I feel confident about her health and behavior status. She will likely have a minor sinus problem and drippy eye that comes and goes with stress levels. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but she might benefit from vet care in the future. She likely had an untreated infection as a small kitten.

Quick Details

Litter box: A
Other cats: A+ [She wants to play with and be friends with everyone]
Cuddling: B+ [She loves attention and is still learning about lap sitting]
Food: A+

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