Rescue Cats & Other Adventures
Pax banner 3-216

Pax Spoon

Temporary Name: Pax Pax is named after the Roman goddess of peace because she is a calm, peaceful, sweet girl. She loves to wrestle with her brothers, but she’s just as happy entertaining herself, or just having a nap. She starts off a little shy, but she loves being scritched and combed, and turns into […]

Rex banner 2-13-16

Rex Spoon

Temporary Name: Rex Gender: Male Color: Black & White Fur: Short Born: Approximately 8/28/15 Rex was a big boy, and so active, that when he got sick and lost his vision, I was heartbroken for him. It took a little time to get a diagnosis, but we finally were told it was FIP, araremutation of a […]

Caesar with hoarding house in background 10-20-15


Temporary Name: Caesar Gender: Male Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 8/22/10 Caesar is one of our colony cats that has had a few near-tragedies happen to him. He’s a great big lover that is caught between being a street cat and a house cat. He escaped starvation, a dog attack, a hoarding house, and […]

Paulie is insanely cute, 9-12-15


Temporary Name: Paulie Gender: Male Color: Grey Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 5/1/15 Adopted!     When Paulie first arrived in the colony at the end of August, I thought he was a she and I called her Polly. In getting her fixed and checked for a microchip, we found out she was a he, and […]

Blog Cat Hack

Poop or Puffball?

With a lot of cats and kittens coming through the house, I have found ways to be thrifty or practical without reducing quality of car or play for them. I will spend extra money on great litter or good quality food, but there are times that spending more is not necessarily a benefit. Take the […]

Zoey really loves the bed, 8-8-15


Temporary Name: Zoey Gender: Female Color: Brown Tabby Fur: Short Born: Approximately 3/1/14 Adopted! Zoey has had a rough start to her short life, but she has retained her cheerful, playful disposition. She loves all cats. She loves all people. She is learning to like dogs. In early summer, Zoey was confiscated from a hoarding house […]


The Price of Caring

Getting to know Floyd has been an adventure, as it always is making friends with a feral cat. He’s now at the point that he enjoys human interaction. He waits for me at the end of the driveway to bring out food. And often follows me back to the driveway before going back to eat. […]

Moxie's stripes, 7-21-15

Moxie’s Racing Stripes

Moxie has a little belly again! As she gets healthier and her fur fills in, her body language is changing. She walks and sits normally instead of being hunched over. And we realized she had these cute white racing stripes on her sides. Just one on each side, about three inches long. But we just […]

Zelda outside, 7-20-15

Zelda is Still Finding a Place

Zelda has been hanging around more lately, showing up for almost every meal. She’s made her way into the back yard, taking Sally’s place under the mock orange bush. She has even darted inside a few times. It’s amazing how similar she is to Henri. From her dense, wiry frame to her round belly to […]