Max face 1-14-16

Max Spoon

Temporary Name: Max Max is 70 pounds of personality in a 7 pound kitty shape. He came to us completely unable to see, and terrified of humans, but within a week he became a happy, outgoing little dude. He’s friendly and demanding, always following people around and asking for cuddles. Hint: He likes to be carried around, […]

Pax banner 3-216

Pax Spoon

Temporary Name: Pax Pax is named after the Roman goddess of peace because she is a calm, peaceful, sweet girl. She loves to wrestle with her brothers, but she’s just as happy entertaining herself, or just having a nap. She starts off a little shy, but she loves being scritched and combed, and turns into […]

Steve “The Girl”

Temporary Name: Steve, (a.k.a.) The Girl Steve is a sweetheart who loves to nap and hang out with her kitty friends. She’s a quiet, gentle cat who will silently ask for attention with her eyes. And if you ignore her, she might chirp a little. She was adopted, but after several months, came back home to us, […]

Yoshi cuddling fuzzy cats 10-21-15

Yoshi “The Paw”

Temporary Name: Yoshi, (a.k.a.) The Paw Yoshi is a lovely girl who is very fond of friendly female cats, but has some anxiety or social issues. She is quite skittish in large groups or around a lot of movement. Unfortunately we don’t have the best environment to provide the solitude and quiet she needs to develop […]

Moxie is a shameless cuddler, 6-25-15


Moxie Moxie is the victorious survivor of a hoarding situation, and she has come a long way towards a normal life. Although she (understandably) has anxiety issues around other cats, she adores her humans and is amazingly affectionate. She will do best in a home without other cats, or with just one relaxed animal. And […]